Friday, August 02, 2002

Previous post rendered irrelevant by pesky fellow bidder. Curses.

However, I am going to Aarhus in three weeks! I hope the Danish tourist board pay Seamus Heaney. I bet if you did a survey 90% of visitors to Denmark would prove to be English graduates, what with Heaney and a certain bard.

My Danish is still dreadful, however.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

I am bidding for a slice of my childhood on ebay (isn't this what everyone is doing on ebay?) in the shape of a large number of comics from the years 1983-5. I can still remember some of the stories including some lines verbatim. But, should I win, will they be a disappointment on re-reading (and I do want to read them, rather than sell them on at a profit), or will they, madeleine-like, take me back to my idyllic childhood?

A comparable experience, perhaps, would be re-reading Enid Blyton, which was terrible, though no reflection on her skill as a children's writer. What isn't there (characterisation, emotional depth) is made up by the child. In fact the books I read were by me and Enid Blyton, though sadly the royalties system doesn't take this into account.

Daj, by the way, has forgiven me.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Let's hope he doesn't check his referrals, eh?

Monday, July 29, 2002

I should perhaps explain that stamp steaming comment lest anyone get the wrong end of the stick. Daj is fond of writing short messages in the stamp boxes of postcards, which are then covered by the stamp before the card is sent. The most memorable of the messages, and one entirely indicative of his fiendish mind, was "Why have you steamed off the stamp?".

Daj was also until recently involved in creating new chemical compounds at C4|\/|br1d93, and is the co-inventor of the Kwik Kwiz, which is in turn the reason why my French AO Level exam result was so disappointing.
This appears to be the homepage of my 9r4t3 fR3|\|d Daj Lit, games inventor, stamp steamer and worrier of chemicals.