Monday, September 02, 2002

Arrrrgh! I was supposed to be linking this article via Aq. (again). I'm not that fond of Douglas Adams' novels but I larffed like a drane at this.

I know what I did wrong now. Pesky inverted commas.
I have returned from Denmark! I am very fat having eaten the European pastry surplus. I also went to Legoland which was absolutely brilliant. There was a model of Munich airport which I could have looked at for days. Yes we also went on all the rubbish rides and had to endure German moustaches but the miniland was definitely the best bit. Though we did play a computer game (Lego Friends) which was the best computer game I have ever played. You have to make a pop record and then choreograph a dance routine to it. I was obviously supposed to be for 12 year old girls but we enjoyed it anyway. It was also in German which added extra humour. Wir Tanzen Ja Super!

Also thought I'd link