Wednesday, February 19, 2003

About a month ago I went on a pub crawl. It was a lot of fun.

Monday, January 20, 2003

Quoth Brian Potter: 'I want to speak to the organist, not the monkey grinder'. Tee hee!
I love Phoenix Nights. Nick and I saw the 'TV's Roy Walker' episode quite by chance and just fell in love with it instantly. I bought the DVD last week. My boss is particularly fond of: 'There's your problem- discarded fag.' 'I knew it, Bloody puff's burnt me club down.' The Radio Times is right, it should be on every week forever.

On a slightly different but no less happy note, my good friend Victoria is getting married! I have known her now for a jaw-dropping nine years, and she is marrying a canny lad of north-eastern origin. On the last occasion we met he was helpful enough to explain Schroedinger's cat to me, and also to Victoria, who despite having done Physics at Cambridge, didn't really understand it either.
Anyway, congratulations and I owe you both a pint.